Ronpak Sustainability Statement

Ronpak Sustainability Statement

Ronpak is committed to protecting the environment by promoting paper as a sustainable, renewable resource through company recycling initiatives, the use of recycled and responsibly-sourced raw materials and creative energy conservation.

Ronpak is proud to have programs that promote environmental sustainability, and is committed to increasing our participation in program improvements on an annual basis. Ronpak’s business initiatives are undertaken with the understanding that sustainability and a commitment to reduce our environmental footprint are key to our success.

Our Initiatives and Goals include:

Ronpak continues to grow sales and invests in new capital equipment each year to meet our customer’s needs. Ronpak has also added an average of 25% more material at each location to meet the new demands of our customers. Ronpak’s relentless pursuit for a more sustainable earth allows for us to meet and exceed the goals set forth, even with the ever changing environment that the paper converting business and our customers bring. The expectation is for Ronpak to meet or exceed these goals annually no matter how much growth and investment is reached.

Waste stream reduction: Currently, 95% of our waste is recycled. Annual Goal is to maintain a minimum of 95%.

Waste Diversion Efforts: Currently, 95% of our press waste is recycled. Office paper waste, plastics and aluminums are also recycled. Annual Goal is to maintain a minimum of 93%.

Energy consumption: Ronpak has invested in motion sensitive light fixtures, HVAC control management systems, and improved building insulation to save energy in 2016. Our NJ plant has solar panels creating many kilowatts of clean electricity going back into the electric grid. Ronpak has annual goals to reduce energy usage by a minimum of 3% per year.

Corrugated Packaging Reduction: Ronpak continues to invest in automatic packaging equipment which allows us to down gauge the use of heavy weight corrugated with lighter weight material. This reduced Ronpak’s usage of corrugated considerably by 4% in 2016. Annual goal is lower material usage by 3% per year. This goal is largely based on performance if it can be accomplished annually.

Inks: VOC’s as well as heavy metals are no longer present in our inks. Goal is to eliminate any need for VOC’s and heavy metals in all our ink usage 100% of the time.

2020 Goal: Part of the 2020 Goal is to create an Environmental Management Process that will become part of the Ronpak culture. Ronpak is always working to reduce its Carbon Footprint and has created a 2020 goal to have a 20% reduction in water use in all plants.