Tightly run & centrally managed, Ronpak’s production workflow processes answer your project questions with real answers – and in real time.

Tightly run & centrally managed, Ronpak’s production workflow processes answer your project questions with real answers – and in real time.


When your brand’s marketing campaign package project is running full steam ahead, a packaging supplier or manufacturers’ hiccup is quite possibly the very last thing that you want to experience. Sometimes however, life happens and when it does you really want your packaging production partner to know exactly what’s happening with the critical details of your project – from where it is in the manufacturing & production pipeline…to how swiftly any completion problems can be identified and resolved.

For over seventy years now, Ronpak has steadily managed to serve its’ client base with speedy response times to client production questions and project concerns. This adaptability ensures that Ronpak client projects move successfully through the packaging manufacturing pipeline from start to finish with little to no interruption.

Connected. Centralized.

At Ronpak, clients can get answers to their most pressing production questions much faster since Ronpak Customer Service Representatives (CSR), Sales Team, Production and Management are all connected within the same centralized process. The result? You get answers to your project questions & timeline updates much faster, and potential issues are identified earlier rather than later.

Ronpak production schedules are visible to all CSR staff. After the initial projects’ sale, all Ronpak project details are worked up and sent to the CSR department for assignment. This workflow stage sees the production of a BOM (Bill Of Materials), Ink usage assignments and any other specialty finishes or procedures are discussed and planned out for the project to be completed.

Ronpak’s team of Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) are centrally located within Ronpak’s Shreveport, Louisiana offices. From there, any Ronpak CSR can access and report upon the status of any production pipeline milestone, regardless of production location. This is a critical difference for Ronpak clients that need status reporting on multiple projects.

At Ronpak, we’re a small company that regularly deals with huge customers…
Marco Ferrin
Ronpak Sales Manager

Is bigger better? Not really.

Often, larger companies or service providers have multiple lines of communication attached to any given project. Consequently, they often cannot find or deliver up-to-the-minute status information quickly or easily, resulting in delayed response times regarding the status of your project. Ronpak doesn’t wait for an early oversight to become a costly error. Ronpak Administration, Sales and CSR staff don’t “work off alone in a silo”; instead, all support staff and management teams frequently overlap and are entertwined with each other. And what does that mean for the customer? The result is Ronpak clients get the added advantage of constant communication with multiple contact points & direct knowledge about the status and production position of your job.

Ronpak Clients can access their project information and details much faster, since Ronpak has opted for a centralized management method for sales, support, production and shipping. All Ronpak Production Schedules are visible to all CSR team members.

After the Client Project is sold, all project details are drafted, checked, reviewed and then finally submitted to the CSR department.
Next, the Bill of Materials or “BOM” is established and set up for each project. This BOM typically includes any specialized inks, finishes, unique substrates or die-cuts required by the projects’ scope. Since Ronpak’s team is already centralized and in-house, communication or changes in scope can be identified, addressed or changed more quickly as the project moves from Sales to Customer Service, to Scheduling and then on to Manufacturing. Ronpak offers a much tighter integration between its team members, which results in a smoother process from point to point in the entire manufacturing and production process.

The hardest part of the job? Ensuring that Ronpak Sales Teams accurately and precisely submit the complete, full details and scope of each and every project to Ronpak’s centralized CSR Team in the initial project development phase. At this stage, the Devil really is in the details. But Ronpak brings their advantage advantage of the centrally located office to make this team effort much faster and more responsive, since project accountability is shared across all departments.

Usually the end result doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but we get excited when our clients need something unique.
Charlotte Reese
Ronpak General Manager

Do “hiccups” happen? How?

Issues or problems almost always occur when Ronpak Sales leads might promise a Client the impossible. Sometimes in the interest of pleasing the customer, Ronpak accepts manufacturing or completion conditions that are extremely difficult (or near) impossible to attain. Charlotte Reese, Ronpak General Manager, echoes this sentiment stating “usually, the end result doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but we get excited when our clients need something unique.”

Ronpak continues leading the commercial food packaging space with tightly integrated project management and realistic production timeframes without sacrificing the manufacturing flexibility that todays large Fortune 500 company clients require.