Ronpak takes “Best in Packaging” S.T.A.R Award for Taco Bell account.

Ronpak takes “Best in Packaging” S.T.A.R Award for Taco Bell account.

Honored for another STAR award – 2018

Ronpak and its team are both humbled and honored to have received the S.T.A.R. Award for Packaging from Yum! brands Taco Bell for 2018.

This recognition is the fourth time Ronpak has been honored with this Award and Ronpak could not be more proud of this milestone.

We wish to sincerely thank Yum! brands and Taco Bell for their excellent and continued working relationships with Ronpak.

Recognized for dedication to excellence.

The Yum! Supplier Tracking and Recognition (S.T.A.R.) The award recognizes Supplier-chain production systems that factor in Supplier compliance in all critical areas of food safety along with mandated quality controls. S.T.A.R. Certified third-party auditors are utilized to conduct Yum! brands Supplier audits.

The STAR Award stands for “Supplier Tracking, Assessment And Recognition” and uses company-wide audits built to accurately qualify supplier performance in several main disciplines. The S.T.A.R Award program was developed by Yum! to measure six key Supplier performance categories: Cost, Technology, Manufacturing Reliability, Service Maintenance, Business Relations and the current quality of the supply chain. The frequency of audits is determined by the risk factors related to the products and manufacturing process. All suppliers are audited at least once per year, with higher frequency based on risk and performance levels.

Ronpak’s adherence to strict processing controls ensures that international brands like Taco Bell can rely upon straightforward and proven food packaging production management that results in on-time delivery, accurate printing and most importantly – the flexibility to solve problems inline.

“It is the hard work, dedication, and the focus on excellence by each of our employees that put Ronpak in position to be successful. Thank you and congrats to all of you!!!!” – Kevin Wascom, President, Ronpak

Each Yum! division’s quality assurance team is responsible for managing supplier food safety and QA (quality assurance) monitoring for each supplier.

Ronpak has managed a longstanding relationship with Taco Bell, the main Yum! brand. Present at the STAR Award ceremony was Yum! CFO Harmit Singh & Senior VP (Yum! Restaurants International) Daniel E. Woodside. Demonstrating Yum! brands’ commitment to excellence in product, design, quality assurance & customer service, other Yum! Officers were present to congratulate the Division winners.

Ronpak officers and staff accepted the Award, including Ronpak President Kevin Wascom, Chris Sevi (Ronpak New Jersey) and company representatives from Customer Service, Shipping, and Manufacturing. Ronpak’s Chris Sevi has expertly managed the Taco Bell account for Ronpak for over a decade and was instrumental in delivering the service and response that Taco Bell needed to get their packaging completed accurately and on time.

Ongoing auditing makes for strong Suppliers.

Yum! Auditing features an interactive cloud monitoring system for tracking its Supplier performance, which receives ongoing upgrades to assist with better supplier compliance monitoring and final reporting. This online system helps Yum! suppliers to specifically manage all facets of their Yum! quality accountabilities – from approving product specs, reviewing and responding to product evaluations for required S.T.A.R. Audits.

Yum! Brands, Inc. is the world’s largest restaurant company with over 34,000 restaurants in over 100 countries and territories. Yum! brands restaurants include A&W, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.