Ronpak is one of the leading manufacturers of custom paper bags and food wraps. We offer a full range of quality products, and we are ready to help your business.

Ronpak, Inc. - 2018 and beyond.

Ronpak is a “Paper Packaging” company and proud to say so. We’re ecstatic at how far the paper packaging industry and its’ applications have come during our more than 70 years in this business, and feel we’re one of the driving reasons behind these great developments. Ronpak has long been known to provide pristine quality flexographic printing for our client’s paper bags and wrap products. Today, Ronpak prides itself with not only premium print quality, but having the ability to manage multiple medium to large volume packaging customers while still offering unique “personal touch” services.

The service you want; the support you need.

Ronpak supports the customer by providing direct access to the Sales team, Customer Service team, Print team, Quality team and even the Executive team when necessary. We want our customers to feel they have Ronpak’s full and undivided attention to make sure their products always meet their demands.

From Sales to the Press floor, Customer Support is a Team effort.

Focus up.

Ronpak’s current product focus lies in four different industries: QSR, Retail, Pharmacy and Specialty Goods. Ronpak has a Greenfield corporate headquarters in Shreveport, LA with supporting equal operations and manufacturing facilities based in Mira Loma, CA and South Plainfield, NJ.




Specialty Goods

Where is Ronpak?

We have 76 redundant equipment lines across all three facilities in order to best serve our customer base and beyond. We boast the fact that 100% of our locations are SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Certified, level two accreditation.
Ronpak’s “American Made” culture makes it all the more important for it to continue to manage and develop initiatives and goals that will enhance its core business.

Product Types

Ronpak manufactures three types of paper products: Carry-Out Bags, Pinch-Bottom Bags & Flat Wraps.

With the exception of Carry-Out Bags, the other two categories of products (Pinch bags and Wraps) have many sub-segments of products, some of which include Sub bags, Fry bags, Window bags, Cookie bags, Bagel pouches & several other different lamination wrap applications.

Since the very beginning, Ronpak's corporate goals have never wavered.


Currently, 95% of our waste is recycled.


95% of our press waste is recycled.
Office paper waste is recycled as well as plastics & cans.


Investment in lighting upgrades to LED (reducing electrical consumption), motion fixtures, HVAC control systems & improved energy-saving insulation to save energy.


Investment in automatic packaging equipment, replacing heavy weight corrugated with lighter Kraft paper.


VOC's as well as heavy metals are no longer present in our printing inks.

These are all American concerns and Ronpak has continued to invest in these priorities both today and into the future. Ronpak has several great employees who spearhead these company initiatives, working to drive these programs for the benefit of our clients.

Corporately, we believe in Social as well Environmental Responsibility. To that end, Ronpak is committed to protecting our shared environment by promoting paper as a sustainable, renewable resource through our company recycling initiatives, using recycled and responsibly-sourced raw materials that promote creative energy conservation.

Our business initiatives proceed from the understanding that sustainability and a commitment to reduce our environmental footprint are keys critical to our continued success.

Paper Bag Packaging has long been associated with plain brown bags but that’s changing fast. In a world where marketing and advertising is king, the paper bag is very seldom left plain or in its natural kraft resemblance.

Today, there are so many options as it relates to print, size, substrate, coatings, bleach or Kraft, virgin or recycled, traceable or not, handle or not…just to name a few.

Good client relationships, built over time. Brands become reality here.

Maintaining a consistent & strong brand message is key. And today, printing on paper is a convenient and effective way to give your product brand a facelift every so often.

Companies want people to endorse their brand and style. At Ronpak, we’re able to help you do so as often as you need. The ease of doing business with Ronpak makes every Marketing Department smile. We enjoy when customers come to our manufacturing facilities for press approvals. It shows the spirit of the partnership in every way.

Ronpak has built a great team over its 70 year history. Our executive team and our employees are the fundamental reason of why this system works.

In sports, every team picks strategy based on their personnel, and in the Paper Bag business, it is no different.

Our #1 resource?

Our people are strong, passionate and versatile which is why this tactic of how Ronpak goes to market works. At Ronpak, our employees never really lose, because either we WIN together - or we LEARN together!