Charlotte Reese still excelling

Charlotte Reese still excelling

Charlotte Reese breaks the glass ceiling at Ronpak.

Charlotte Reese has become the first woman in Ronpak’s 70-year history to rise to the rank of General Manager. We are proud to salute her on this accomplishment and support her as she leads our Shreveport, LA manufacturing location for many years to come. We asked Charlotte for a little bit of insight into her experiences and plans.  You can read her answers below…

Charlotte Reese recognized by SDC "Women in Supply Chain" for her contributions while at ronpak.

“I am truly honored to receive this award, but I know that it isn’t mine alone. This award is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the entire Ronpak Supply Chain team. I am appreciative of the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and hard-working group, and I thank Ronpak for giving me the chance to help grow and develop this outstanding team.”
*This news posting has been updated since it originally aired in August 2019.

What advice do you give young women wanting to build careers in the paper packaging industry?

Be brave. Trust in your abilities and be fueled by your determination. Always strive to take the next step. Seek guidance, knowledge and accept criticism as an opportunity to grow. The sky is the limit. If you want it, it’s yours for the taking. Only you can make it happen.

What are your top 2 goals as the First Female General Manager?

There are so many things I want to accomplish. My #1 goal is to bring a different type of leadership; one of compassion and understanding. I believe we lead by example. It starts with how we treat each other at all levels. Establish a culture where our employees feel valued, realize their potential and contribute to Ronpak's continued success.

What positions have you held during your climb to the highest-ranking position for Shreveport operations?

Since beginning my career with Ronpak, I have held the positions of Supply Chain Coordinator, Supply Chain Manager, Master Scheduler & Director of Supply Chain / Logistics Manager.

Describe your favorite moment (or moments if you have a few) during your time at Ronpak.

There are many. But I must say, every appreciation event we do is a great day! We all work so hard. The events provide an opportunity for us to show our appreciation, enjoy each other’s company and include our families.

Describe the most challenging obstacle you have dealt with in your career thus far.

The most challenging times during my career have been a result of my impairment. I have at times believed, if the task was going to be done right, I had to do it myself. I had to learn to trust, mentor and empower those around me. In doing so, it has facilitated an environment where everyone can present diverse ideas and learn from each other.

What skill sets do you attribute to your success?

I believe my strongest skill sets are determination and work ethic. I have always set very high goals for myself. My desire to succeed is what motivates me. To be successful, an understanding in all areas of the business is necessary. This is especially true in the manufacturing industry. The day to day is often very fluid. The ability to connect all the moving parts is critical.

Tell us what you remember of your first day at Ronpak.

My first day was very intimidating. Numerous machines were running, people everywhere and a fast-paced environment. Sometimes, being a new employee can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable. However, the Shreveport team was very welcoming and helpful. It was a great day!