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Ronpak Sustainability Policy

December 2014

Ronpak is committed to protecting the environment by promoting paper as a sustainable, renewable resource through company recycling initiatives, the use of recycled and responsibly-sourced raw materials and creative energy conservation.  Ronpak’s business initiatives are undertaken with the understanding that sustainability and a commitment to reduce our environmental footprint are key to our success.

Our initiatives include:

Waste stream reduction:  Currently, 95% of our waste is recycled.

Use of recycled materials: 95% of our press waste is recycled. Office paper waste is recycled as well as plastics and cans.

Energy consumption: We have invested in motion sensitive light fixtures, HVAC control management systems, and improved building insulation to save energy. Our NJ plant has solar panels creating many kilowatts of clean electricity going back into the electric grid.

Corrugated reduction: We have invested  in automatic packaging equipment which allows us to replace heavy weight corrugated packaging with lighter weight kraft paper. This saves thousands of tons of corrugated packaging annually.

Inks:  VOC’s as well as heavy metals  are no longer present in our inks.

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Did you know?

Every ton of paper recycled saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. In 2012, 65.1% of paper used in the USA was recovered for recycling.


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