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About Ronpak:

Ronpak is a full-service bag manufacturer with focus on three distinct market areas:

QSR/Pharmacy: Focus is on various custom Specialty Bags, including Lunch Bags, Pharmacy Bags, Liquor Bags, Bread Bags, Food Service Bags, wraps and more.

Distribution: Emphasis is on customers in the distribution and outsourcing arena. This allows us to tailor programs that meet their special needs.

Promotional: Emphasis is to help our customers add value to packaging by using it as a persuasive advertising delivery device.

Our Executive Team

Ronald Sedley


Kevin Wascom


Bob Bowers


Our History

Ronpak was founded in 1947 by Mr. Nathan Sedley in New York City. At the time of the company’s founding, Mr. Sedley was a practicing pharmacist. He recognized the need for retail packaging and purchased equipment to manufacture bags during a trip to Europe. Selling to independent drug stores his bags were an instant hit. Recognizing that a golden opportunity existed, Mr. Sedley left the pharmacy business and founded Ronpak. In the years that followed, the company expanded its product line and marketed it to other retailers, in the hopes that they will take advantage of the custom printed aspect of Ronpak for advertising and promotional reasons. The company continued to grow and it became clear that Ronpak needed a larger plant to support its rapidly expanding business. Therefore, in 1956, the company built a 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in South Plainfield, New Jersey. In the 1960′s and 1970′s, the company’s business took on a more national scope. To handle this rapidly changing and expanding business, the company acquired the assets and customers of Promotional Packing Corporation of Los Angeles, California in 1974.

After his retirement in the late 70’s, Ronald Sedley took over leadership of the company and expanded operations to the West Coast. In 1985 a new manufacturing facility was built in Mira Loma, California. Other acquisitions throughout Ronpak’s history included SAKS of Kansas City, Kansas, Sentinal Bag of Brooklyn, NY, and Salco Bag Company of Sidney, Florida. The acquisitions of these other companies have expanded the sales and manufacturing capabilities of Ronpak.

Quick Facts About RonPak:

  • Ronpak produces an extensive assortment of carry out paper bags, portion control bags and food wraps with a huge range of choices.
  • Established, solid supplier with continuous, stable ownership since 1947.
  • Plant locations in Shreveport, LA (corporate headquarters), South Plainfield, NJ and Mira Loma, CA.
  • Over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing in 3 strategically placed locations that provide efficient distribution to all parts of the country.
  • The most advanced production and distribution platforms in the custom printed packaging industry today.
  • Redundant production and distribution nationwide.
  • Security for high value games and promotions.
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